Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eclectic Banana

Eclectic Banana would have been 1 year old this month. I was going to celebrate that fact on the blog but Google killed the E Banana. Like i've said before, i don't know why. Did some one complain about the blog? Don't see anything i posted that would make someone attack the blog and force it's closure. Sure i've posted mocking political stuff, mostly about the rightwing (who deserve it for their constant hate against any thing opposite to their point of view), it is after all a free country or is it?

I have to say i've lost a lot of respect for Google as a company. Losing my gmail account (which has cost me a lot emotional distress and touch with my girlfriend, thank goodness for yahoo mail for coming to the rescue) and my lost blogs has really depressed me which i'm having trouble getting out of.

Google you owe me an explanation.

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